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5 September 2011

Shaid Zial Hall(Chasara)

Performance photos….Click Here



RCC. (Russian Centre of Science and Culture)

Dhaka, Bangladesh
The Blasting HipHop Concert => **HIP-HOP zirZIR**
FRIDAY 28 october 2011.
Gate open>> 3.00 p.m.
Show start>>4.00 p.m.
Gate closed>>4.30 p.m.

{Russian Centre of Sciencee and Culture}

Here are The Guest Artist=>

=> The Grand-T
=> Uptown Lokolz
=> Rap Hood Goonstaz
=> T.O.D.
=> Shocking Mind.
=> Logical Crew.
=> Street Kings.
=> The-Stunerzz.
=> Lyrical Assassins.
=> Revolution RapperzZ.

Dj’s are :
**Dj ovi (mnr)
**Dj nmn (mnr)

Official Photographer=>

Samy Abdul Wahed >>


Web Partner >>

&The Underground Crewz…
1. Rapsta CFD.
2. TG’s Jashed
3. Banglish Joyna
4. P.G.T.
5. Bangla Mentalz
6. G.O.G (Group Of GanxtaZ)
7. Rap StromZ(HipHop Gangsta of Narayanganj)
8. Red Cross Zone.
9. JuNk RapperzZ
10. UnderWorld HipHop crew.
11. Da Infernous.
12.Royal RapperZ
13. R.D.X.

Here is the first mixed album project for Rap StromZ

Official launching ceremony of Hip Hop REVOLUTION 2011 ! 21st October,Friday,2011@Bashundhara City ,Ghuddi!!

Be there people and make sure to grab a copy !!!

1. Nil Akash – Ishan ft Eleyas Hossain
2. Ondhokar – Swadesi
3. A New Hope – FLEXERS
4. Jar Naam Genjam – Rap Stromz  [[Download]]
5. We Rule This Game – Underworld
6. Jahannam er Agun – KGS
7. Who Sleeps – BCF
8. Me and Ma Baby – Ushan aka Skaster
9. Tha Yungest In Tha Game – Sh1ft Haq and Shockwave
10. Sylhety Rap – Fokir Lal Miah
11. Pinik Korba Ni – Rap Stromz [[Download]]
12. City Ganxter Part 2 – Shib Z
13. Andolon – Tanx Tanvir
14. Underground er Godfatherz – POR
15. Hard Life – Censored
16. Roktim Shurjo – Banging Bandits
17. Keno Eka Lage – Abeer & Saif
18. Lime Light – Shugga Shane
19. Flame of Sorrows – Yy@LL$OO – MLM – Tic , Ash , Shad

Here is the album pix..slideshow

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Here is some photos of Rap StromZ crew  members……

so guys cheek this…..

Click Here

Have fun…..

Facebook fan page

Dear fans ,

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Thank You

Rap StromZ(HipHop Gangsta of Narayanganj)

Pinik Korba Ni

[Pinik korba ni] is most popular song of [Rap StromZ] here is link of live performance of this track at ZIA HALL , CHASARA,NARAYANGANJ

Click Here to View

Track Tittle ; [Bangla Rap ]Live Performance of Rap StromZ at ZIA HAL,L CHASARA,NARAYANGANJ

Click Here to View

Here is link of stage performance of Rap StromZ at ZIA Hall , CHASARA, NARAYANGANJ

Click Here to View

05. Bangla Rap[Rap StromZ]

Track Name : Bangla Rap[Rap StromZ]
Intro      : Sam Silva
1st Verse  : Sam Silva
2nd Verse  : Symon Shake
3rd Verse  : StromZ XsaQ
Chorus     : Sam Silva & Symon Shake
Click Here : Download

Track Name : Pinik Korba Ni
Intro      : Symon Shake
1st&2nd Verse : StromZ XsaQ
3rd Verse& Chorus : Sam Silva
Click Here : Download
Have fun with Pinik [Unreleased Track][Demo]
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